Madden 18 Week 4 Player Ratings Update Those who win
October 10 2017

EA released the brand new roster update with regard to week 4, which means we obtain our newest participant ratings. One of the very best parts of the actual Madden season is watching the ball player ratings fall and rise, and the benefits at Madden College study the rankings as close because anyone. We’re focused on keeping you knowledgeable, so we’re addressing player ratings with the Madden 18 NFL season. Here’s the Madden 18 week 4 player rankings update winners as well as losers.


Jason Kelce C Philadelphia Eagles 

Up 5 from 76 to 81

It had been a great week for Philly’s Offensive Line. 4 from 5 starters over the Eagles’ O-Line noticed their overall ratings increase. Pretty impressive if you want playing with the Eagles. As with regard to Kelce, he rose an astonishing 5 points general making him a large winner in this particular week’s player rankings update. He required the boost, as well. Kelce had been off to some rough start, as well as his overall score was way lower. Hopefully he may sustain this score.

Todd Davis MLB Denver Broncos

Up 4 from 78 to 82

Leaping up 4 factors this week is actually MLB Todd Davis who played a large part in closing down the Zoysia Bills running assault and Lesean McCoy. Davis goes up from the 78 to an 82 the industry big leap. Anytime a person jumps from the 70’s towards the 80’s, it’s a pleasant boost. In specific, Davis got the TAK boost as much as an 88, and his BSH rose for an 86. Davis is really a big winner within the week 4 Madden participant ratings update.

Mercedes Lewis TE Jacksonville Jaguars

Up 5 from 77 to 82

This particular comes as no real surprise given Lewis’s large game against Baltimore earlier this Sunday. Lewis scored on several occasion, and he’s rewarded by having an incredible five stage boost in their overall rating. On the side note, Jaguars QB Blake Bortles, that threw those TD’s’ in order to Lewis, went upward by two factors overall. Lewis sees a large jump in his RBK since it went up through 12 huge factors. That’s an incredible leap for just one rating, but more to the point, Lewis’s RTE score rose by 7 factors. Clearly, Lewis is really a big time winner within the week 4 Madden eighteen player ratings revise.

Garett Boles LT Denver Broncos

Up 6 from 74 to 80

The actual rookie LT for that Denver Broncos jumped a massive 6 points to visit from a 74 for an 80 overall. The largest improvement for LT Garrett Boles is actually his PBK rating since it jumped up a fantastic 7 points from the 75 to a good 82. Boles also saw a large leap in their RBK rating because it’s up through 5 points from the 79 to an 84. Very important rating hikes for that rookie LT. Very good news if you’re considering starting a CFM along with Denver’s current roster.

Demarcus Lawrence LE Dallas Cowboys

Up 3 from 82 to 85

Demarcus Lawrence’s general rating jumped upward 3 points this particular week after their big game from the Cardinals on Mon night. Lawrence, that leads the category in sacks, might deserve a greater overall rating compared to an 85, but that number should still climb as he or she looks like among the best young pass rushers within Madden 18. Lawrence’s FMV went up an astonishing 6 points from the 72 to the 78, and he additionally sees a two point hike within both his PMV and BSH along with a 3 point increase in his STR score. Lawrence is a large winner in the actual week 4 Madden 18 ratings update.

That nearly does it for the big winners in the week 4 Madden 18 player ratings update. There are certainly others who saw a large fall off, or huge rise within their overall Madden rating .

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