Madden 18 – Developer Clint Oldenburg Interview
July 11 2017

Madden NFL 18 game designer Clint Oldenburg joins us to answer some of the most problematic questions about mouthpieces, create a team, and create a player and player score. The release date of Madden 18 is scheduled for August 25 with the G.O.A.T. release on August 22, 3 days before the release, with the Ultimate Team model bonus.

The creative part of the community feels regretful. Create a game, create a team, create a player, etc.What do you want to add in the future or in Madden 18?

There's not much update in Madden 18, but it's definitely our radar. I think that's something you'll see in the near future.

Will Madden have already responded to the PC? It was popular on the PC during the day, and it has not been for so long.

I don't know why. This is just one of them. That's a good reason, but these decisions are made outside of my field.

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